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Why would an agent want to work with an investor?

  • The house is in such despair and the owner doesn’t have the fund to repair for retail
  • Buy House As-Is
  • Cash Offers
  • Deals Can Be Expedited
  • No inspection
  • Home Evaluation by analyzing a home with structural damages such as a bad foundation, roof, or other extreme interior and exterior problems.
  • *Opportunity for a Double Commission as the Seller and Buyer Agent $
  • Make money on off-market deals before putting on the MLS
  • The ability to work with any new seller no matter what condition their home is in
  • Having a tool kit of additional problem solving solutions that can help a seller to sell their house
  • Being an investor-friendly agent has its benefits with added revenue and helping clients

Why Work With Me!

Michael R McCarty
Our Story

  1. My reputation is important to me and I built it by being honest and professional!
  2. Your client is as important to me as they are to you
  3. People First
  4. Taking care of the seller and finding the right solution for their home selling needs
  5. Being present and working with you through the process of the transaction
  6. I love my family and love helping people
Dad and Son 22q11 Texas working with Real Estate Agents

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“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” — Mother Teresa